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Learning How to Take Time Off

With Memorial Day coming up, I hope you — and I — will dedicate some time over the weekend to reflect on and give thanks for those who gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy. And if your employer gives you a day off, I hope you take it. We Americans are good at […]

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Profitable Ideas: Biased Against Your Own Success, 100 Money-Saving Ideas, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently. How Americans blow $1.7 trillion in retirement savings (Bloomberg). If you could just eliminate two behavioral biases… Why you need to write a will — even if you aren’t Prince (MarketWatch). You also need power of attorney documents […]

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Five New Financial Normals

Writing about the “new normals” brought on by the Great Recession has become, well, a new normal for many media outlets.  Adding to the conversation, Fortune magazine has come up with five new normals that it believes really will stick.  Here they are, along with my thoughts. 1. Long-term unemployment.  For those who have jobs, […]

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Where Could Your Vacation Budget Take You?

In good times, people often choose where they want to go on vacation and then look into the cost.  These days, assuming there’s still money in the budget for a vacation, the dollars come first.  And just in time, there’s a helpful new resource from one of my favorite travel sites, Kayak.com.  As reported on […]

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Is Frugality Fading?

Frugality has been all the rage during the recession. But now there’s some evidence that our money-saving ways may be going by the wayside. A CNN.com story noted that the personal savings rate dipped in June after several months of strong growth. And, while an HSBC survey found that 85 percent of people have modified […]

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Thriving After the Recession

While a lot of people are still deeply impacted by the recession, a number of post-recession articles are starting to emerge, including one from US News & World Report that suggested 10 ways to “thrive” after the recession. It described the new “evolved consumer” who “shops with more discipline and focuses on buying products with […]

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Bus Travel Makes a Comeback

With frugality in fashion, bus companies are doing all they can to convert plane and train travelers to bus riders. As reported on MarketWatch, Greyhound’s Neon bus service now has more than 100 “motorcoaches” operating on the east coast with leather seats, more legroom, Internet access, and power outlets in every row. BoltBus, another east […]

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When Getting Away Isn’t

The summer vacation has been downgraded – again. First it became a staycation, with people opting for local entertainment as a way to save money. Now, according to a Consumer Reports article, tight finances and fears over job security are prompting 35 percent of workers to say they don’t plan to take a vacation at […]

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