Profitable Ideas: Fight Fair About Money, Social Media and the End of Childhood, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

Does your child need to file a tax return this year? (Kiplinger). The rules are somewhat complicated (big surprise there, right?). Another reason to file is if they had earned income and contributed to an IRA (preferably a Roth IRA!).

A helpful guide to minimalist parenting (No Sidebar). With some of these ideas, it’s so important to start early.

4 habits to manage impulse buying (Darius Foroux). I especially like the third habit. Implement it and you’ll find that you actually want/need a lot less things than you thought you did.

Half of college grads are working jobs that don’t use their degrees (Wall Street Journal). The first job out of college is hugely important.

How parents and grandparents can manage the expense of multiple college tuitions (MarketWatch). Good, solid advice, especially now that the FAFSA offers no help for families with more than one child in college at the same time.

How can I find meaning in my nine-to-five job? (Relevant Magazine). We’re all on mission. See also, Finding meaning in our work (Sound Mind Investing).

Think what you could accomplish if you devoted your whole self (Becoming Minimalist). Our frenetic, multi-tasking lives come with quite a cost. Focus can take you far.

How does technology rewire the intricate circuitry of the teenage mind? (Epsilon Theory). “Give your kids social media when you want their childhood to end.” Wow. See also, Big tech, families and the role of government (Daily Citizen).

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