Profitable Ideas: A Happy Pay Cut, Money Blind Spots, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

They chose to take a pay cut—and say they’re happier (Wall Street Journal). Large numbers of people who took a new job for less pay have seen a boost in life satisfaction.

Are Apple Pay and Google Pay more secure than credit cards? (How-To Geek). They’re not perfect, but they do add a layer of security.

Beware the hidden costs (Mr. Stingy). The financial commitments of owning a home go well beyond the mortgage, taxes, and insurance. See also, The hidden costs of homeownership are skyrocketing (Wall Street Journal).

Here are some big money blind spots you need to avoid, advisors say (CNBC). Check yourself against these potential problem areas.

Yes, money can buy happiness, but not how you think (MoneyNing). Paying to free up time pays big happiness dividends, and it’s not just accessible to the wealthy.

Jonathan Haidt on adjusting to smartphones and social media (Conversations With Tyler). Haidt describes himself as an atheist, and his research finds that “it’s the secular kids and the liberal kids who got washed out to sea, got really depressed after 2012, and much less effect on the conservative and religious kids because, I think, they’re more rooted.” 

Our entire society is becoming addicted to sports gambling (The New Republic). “Only six years since the Supreme Court opened the floodgates, it’s become abundantly clear that sports gambling is having a ruinous effect on American society.”

What I learned from my no-spend month (Gretchen Rubin). It can reset expectations and habits.

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