Profitable Ideas: TikTok and the Gen Z Money Brain, Thinking of Future You, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

How TikTok is wiring Gen Z’s money brain (Wall Street Journal). “You see a 19-year-old trader on TikTok who only has to work two hours a day, and I was like, ‘How do I do that?’”

How the US became hooked on sports betting—and the cost it’s having on our lives (CNN). How the essence of sports is changing is one of the biggest cultural shifts of our day.

Why has your car insurance gone up? (And what you can do about it) (Kiplinger). You’re probably aware of some of these steps, but have you taken them?

Writing a will is ‘not just a question about finances’ (CNBC). Is this one of those items you plan to get to some day, one day? Far better to get it done sooner than later.

Does it matter where your clothes come from? (Relevant Magazine). An example where choosing the lower-cost item may not be the good-stewardship option.

Should I prioritize insurance costs when choosing cars for my teenagers? (Clark Howard). Different makes and models of cars that cost the same to buy can have very different costs to insure. 

5 things you can do today that your future self will thank you for (Becoming Minimalist). If we spent more time thinking of our future self we would probably do many things, including money things, differently.

Did your child earn money last year? You can open a Roth IRA for them. (Flow Financial Planning). One of the smartest money moves you can make for your kids.

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