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Filling Out Dad’s Financial Report Card

For most of us, our number one source of financial instruction is our parents.  Some parents make the effort to actually teach their kids about money.  But all parents teach either good lessons or bad through their example. With Father’s Day occurring this weekend, I thought it would be interesting to consider: How did your […]

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Mom and Son

The Nuances of a Mother’s Impact

When my friend, Craig, lost his mom to cancer, it was a defining experience for him. He loved his mom. That was obvious by the moving tribute he gave during her memorial service. But he often thought of her simply as a hard-working, low-income single mom, not as a woman of significant influence. During a […]

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Bus Ad

This Ride to School Brought To You By…

As cash-hungry states look for new sources of revenue, several are now allowing advertisers to put paid messages on the sides of school buses. Currently, seven states allow advertising on school buses: Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah.  Six others are considering the idea: Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Washington. […]

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Screen shot 2011-03-30 at 9.34.20 AM’s New Money Game: A Review, the popular budget site, has created an online game to help middle school students learn about money. Designed in partnership with Scholastic, Quest for Money is designed to teach young people about various money management skills such as budgeting and saving money. Since we use and are very satisfied with the service, I […]

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Requiring Kids To Earn Their Allowance

When it comes to allowances, there are those who say you should just give kids some money since they’re part of the family. Others say they should earn it. Dave Briggs is in the earn it camp. “I do not believe just giving kids money prepares them for the real world,” he explained. “When you […]

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The Scared-to-Invest Generation

The recession has left workers in their 20s and 30s wary of the stock market.  According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, the percentage of workers between 25 and 35 who say they have saved for their retirement has fallen by over 20 percent in the last decade.  A Newsweek article about the research noted […]

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Encouraging Your Kids to be Entrepreneurs

There was a good post on Get Rich Slowly recently about fanning the entrepreneurial flames in your kids.  The author suggested connecting money making ideas with your kids’ interests (as opposed to just making money for the sake of making money), supervising the set-up of their business but giving them enough room to fail since […]

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