Recycling is the Rage

Recycling must be getting trendy because the number of places that accept various items for recycling seems to be growing. As reported on the blog Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, the office supply store Staples will accept old computers and TVs for $10 each. To properly dispose of used batteries or ink/toner cartridges, Staples and Best Buy will take them for free. And for old cell phones, the blog recommends donating usable phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers. For really old or broken cell phones, drop them in the recycling kiosk just inside the front door of any Best Buy store.

In a related story, reported on RecycleBank, an innovative program that rewards recyclers with points they can redeem for merchandise at various retailers. The program operates in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Vermont.

The article also mentioned two other sources of information on where to find electronics recyclers (the Electronics Industries Alliance and the Consumer Electronics Association), two other cell phone recyclers that’ll pay you for your old phone (GreenPhone and MyBoneYard), and a company that will take your old music CDs in exchange for points that can be redeemed for various electronics items.


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