Profitable Ideas: The Happiest Ways to Use Money, Facebook May Be Hurting Your Finances, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

Nine simple strategies for a happier life (Jonathan Clements). A veteran financial writer culls the research on the happiest uses of money.

A surprisingly painless way to save more for retirement (Time). Factoring in the tax savings can take the sting out of contributing more to your workplace plan.

Are tote bags really good for the environment? (The Atlantic). Being an eco-friendly shopper is more difficult than it seems.

‘PLUS’ college loans can be a big minus for parents (Reuters). Such loans are easy to qualify for, and often regretted.

How your Facebook account can slowly destroy your finances (MarketWatch). Keeping up with the Joneses has gone to a whole new level.

Retail’s secret weapon: high-tech heat maps (CNN Money). One of the latest ways retailers are trying to get you to spend more.

How can today’s college students future-proof their careers? (The Atlantic). How will your field, or your child’s, be impacted by automation?

What should you choose: time or money? (NY Times). If you would give up more time in order to make more money, you may be giving up more than you realize.

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