Profitable Ideas: When a Sale Costs More, New Thinking on the Happiness/Success Equation, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Who doesn’t love sales? There’s just one problem: they lead us to make dumb choices (Ideas.TED). Unfortunately, many of us have trouble determining how much something is really worth. Marketers know that, and love that.

Tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes: What does home insurance cover after a disaster? (USA Today). Do you know how well you’d be covered?

Most Americans have financial regrets, but some don’t intend to do anything about it (MarketWatch). Learning from other people’s mistakes is a good way to help avoid making some of your own.

What is rational minimalism? (Becoming Minimalist). Minimalism isn’t as radical as you may have feared.

Don’t make these seven car insurance mistakes (The Simple Dollar). Are you paying too much?

What’s your purpose? Finding a sense of meaning in life is linked to health (NPR). This is not just a great starting point for a life lived well, it’s a great starting point for setting financial priorities. 

Happiness doesn’t follow success: It’s the other way around (Aeon). Sure, work on your job skills, but work on your happiness as well. Practicing gratitude is a good place to start.

To get a bigger paycheck after college, start working now (CNBC). Working while in school isn’t just about helping to pay for tuition.

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