Profitable Ideas: The Master Life Skill, Inside the Credit Card Industry, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

True long-term career success depends on this most underrated aspect of talent (Fast Company). The ability to wait for a greater reward is considered the master life skill, impacting our careers, our investing success, and so much more.

I worked at Capital One for five years. This is how we justified piling debt on poor customers (New Republic). A disturbing inside look at the credit card industry.

America’s middle class can’t afford its cars (Wall Street Journal). Loans are getting longer, making them more like mortgages.

How to buy clothes that are built to last (NY Times). Tips for slow fashion, which is good for our wallets and the environment.

Don’t make major decisions on an empty stomach (Science Daily). You know you shouldn’t shop for groceries when you’re hungry, but that advice applies to many other situations as well.

When filling out FAFSA, the waiting is the hardest part (A Teachable Moment). A lot of people don’t bother filling out the form, thinking they won’t qualify for any aid. That’s a mistake.

How do we balance what Scripture says about saving with the biblical commands to give generously (Eternal Perspective Ministries). Ideally, this isn’t an either/or decision. It’s all about priorities.

14 wildly different allowance strategies (Budgets Are Sexy). Lots of interesting ideas here. 

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