Profitable Ideas: Buying Time, Saving More By Eating More, and Other Good Ideas

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Harvard professor: focusing on time instead of money can make you happier — here’s how (CNBC). If you can afford it, paying to free up time usually pays a big happiness dividend.

Do I need a will? Who needs one and why (Marriage, Kids, and Money). It isn’t just about who’ll get your stuff, it’s about who’ll care for your kids if something happens to you and your spouse. 

Where’s my refund? How to track your tax refund status (Kiplinger). Got some money coming back? Here’s how to find out when to expect it.

Is home ownership for everyone? (Mullooly). It’s a popular goal and it can be a good thing, as long as you’re really ready.

Your car insurance app can be incredibly helpful after an accident (Money). After reading this article, I downloaded our insurance company’s app. Have you downloaded yours?

In one year a billion tons of food got wasted—mostly at home (Bloomberg). It’s a climate change issue and it’s certainly a personal finance issue — we’d spend less if we would just eat all the food we buy.

Should you refinance your mortgage before rates go higher? (Forbes). If you do, my recommendation is to not reset the 30-year clock.

10 problems solved by owning less stuff (Ronald L Banks). Good reasons to move toward minimalism. 

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