Profitable Ideas: The Greatest Show on Earth, Measuring Wealth, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Investing: the greatest show on earth (Collaborative Fund). One of my favorite financial writers has done it again. He has created a piece that’s well worth your time.

A generosity philosophy (Calibrating Capital). A wonderful article about one of the most impactful and satisfying uses of money.

Is measuring wealth using a scorecard a good idea? (A Teachable Moment). “It’s easy counting beans. It’s difficult to count your blessings.”

Child tax credit: millions of parents could soon get up to $3,600 per child (CBS Money Watch). Do you have a child under age 18?

How to get it right when naming an executor and filling other key roles in your estate plan (CNBC). These are the types of financial chores people tend to put off—to their peril.

Should I put solar panels on my roof? (Money Ning). Interesting first-hand account of one homeowner’s journey off the grid.

A smarter app is watching your wallet (NY Times). How much of your financial life are you managing on your phone?

Do young people really need the office? (Financial Times). In a word, yes.

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