Profitable Ideas: Defining “Rich,” Fail-Proofing Your Budget, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

Are you rich? How the wealthy are defined (US News). How would you answer that question?

Retailers use psychology to influence your buying decisions, here’s how (World Economic Forum). What percentage of your typical grocery run do you think consists of impulse buys?

5 ways to create a healthy relationship with screens and technology (Authority). Some good ideas on where to draw boundaries—for our kids and ourselves.

Staying put (Collaborative Fund). Reminds me of a study that found that soccer goalies would be more successful in defending penalty kicks if they would just stay where they are instead of diving to one side or the other. 

Here’s what consumers plan to cut back on if prices continue to surge (CNBC). How is inflation changing your buying behavior?

3 main reasons a budget fails (Christian Stewardship Network). Some excellent budget coaching.

Recasting vs. refinancing: which mortgage option is better? (Marriage, Kids, and Money). Do you even know what a mortgage recast is?

5 ways to live with less (Natalie Walton). I am strongly drawn to the vision of minimalism. We live far from the reality of it, but little by little, it’s the direction I want to go. How about you?

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