Profitable Ideas: The Good Life, Adding by Subtracting, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

What is the good life? (Randy Alcorn via FaithFi). It’s something quite different than what our consumer culture leads us to believe.

The power of adding subtraction to your life (No Sidebar). It’s more difficult to subtract than to add, but so worth it.

Should young people save less & spend more? (A Wealth of Common Sense). Some good thoughts about walking the line between responsible saving and investing in memories.   

What’s the best college major for your child? (A Teachable Moment). The headline is a little misleading, but this is a helpful article about choosing a college. 

All you need to know to build generational wealth (The Big Picture). This picture tells a very powerful story.

So your kids got rejected from her dream school(s) (Psychology Today). Acceptance (or not) letters are hitting mailboxes.

4 financial lessons that will stick with kids through adulthood (Money Ning). Giving kids some hands-on experience with money sooner than later is very wise.

IRS: Don’t trust all social media tax tips (Kiplinger). Just because they have a microphone doesn’t make them an expert. 

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