Profitable Ideas: Avoid These 10 Money Wasters, Save on Your Next Vacation, and more.

A weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

10 stupid ways you’re probably wasting money (MarketWatch). Lots of little things can really add up.

‘It’s my turn’ (The Atlantic – video). The latest thinking on raising generous, resilient kids.

Unsure how your career impacts your kids? Here’s some perspective (Fast Company). Your kids are listening to how you talk about your work — probably more than you realize.

How I saved $500 on my vacation… and how you can, too (USA TODAY). Some money-saving web sites, apps, and ideas you’ve probably never heard of.

How movers move their own stuff: 8 insider hacks you’ll be glad to know ( If there’s a relocation in your future, these ideas should help it go smoothly.

When the desire to save money turns into spending anxiety (Wise Mind Money). Honest exploration of money motivations, which emphasizes the need to understand how your temperament impacts your financial beliefs and behaviors (and if you’re married, your spouse’s).

How an overlooked part of owning a home can cost you an extra $6,000 or more a year (CNBC). Did you budget for the maintenance? Most new homeowners either don’t or don’t budget enough.

Can you survive on a $10 a month cell-phone plan? I tried Unreal Mobile to find out (USA TODAY). If your cell phone bill has finally crept too high, maybe it’s time to make a change.

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