Profitable Ideas: Cultivating Gratitude, The Care and Feeding of a Budgeting Brain, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

How to teach your children gratitude (The White Coat Investor). Cultivating within them the habit of gratitude will serve our kids well.

When consumers prefer simple packaging—and when they don’t (Wall Street Journal). Yet another interesting look at the science of marketing.

‘Reduce some of those tantrums’: 4 simple tips from a psychologist to manage your child’s screen time (CNBC). It’s every parent’s challenge, and there’s much more at stake here than peace in the household.

Parents, young adult children and the transition to adulthood (Pew Research Center). The impact of student loans looms large.

A rewards strategy that can cost you: booking travel with your card company (Wall Street Journal). I have found some good deals on one of our card’s travel portals, but it definitely pays to comparison shop.

Too much choice is not helpful (No Sidebar). It can help to narrow our criteria before seeing what’s available.

Train your budgeting brain with these 5 tips (Refinery 29). Helpful guidance for how to best approach the budgeting process.

How to enable stolen device protection on your iOS device (The Verge). There’s a lot at stake in keeping our phones safe.

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5 Responses to Profitable Ideas: Cultivating Gratitude, The Care and Feeding of a Budgeting Brain, and More

  1. Tammy Jo Ingraham February 8, 2024 at 9:21 AM #

    Matt, I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this to you, but if you don’t have a subscription to the WSJ, you can’t read their articles. Just an FYI.
    Tammy Jo

    • Matt Bell February 8, 2024 at 9:31 AM #

      Hi Tammy Jo – I try to always use their “gift unlocked article” link. I wonder if I used the wrong link this time around. Which Journal article were you trying to read?

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